Digital Cable Televsion

Sweetwater Offers Several Cable Viewing Options To Fit You Needs High Speed InternetVOI-Select

Your Cable TV Options

Limited Basic:  This package includes Broadcast Channels in HD and their sub channels, local content from both Rock Springs and Green River, and The Weather Channel plus TBS.

Expanded Basic:  This 80+ channel offering includes the Limited Basic Package, plus your favorites from ESPN/Disney, NBC dishes-300x277Universal, Viacom and many more.  Over 60 of these channels are in High Definition, that don’t cost any more, but per FCC guidelines and programmer requirements, require an HD converter.   HD Converters start at just $3.95/month!

Enhanced Basic:  This 41 channel package adds specialized programming and Digital Music.  An Interactive guide makes finding the programming you want to watch quick and easy.

Premium channels are multiplexed giving you tremendous value for movie lovers.  Choose one or all from 9 channels of HBO, 6 channels of Cinemax, 15 channels of Showtime/The Movie Channel or 16 channels in the Starz/Starz Encore plex.

For those wanting the Enhanced Basic, Premium Multiplex or just HD and the Interactive guide can choose several options of Digital Converters. You can even choose to upgrade to the Whole Home DVR, which puts your recorded movies at nearly any room in your house!

For all subscribers, you can sign up for, and get access to online content from most of the cable providers, free with your monthly subscription.  This online programming is available from any mobile device, anywhere you are.  Be careful though, as your carrier data rates may apply.

Have You Overheard?

Have you ever overheard travelers talking with each other while stopped her in Rock Springs or Green River? Have you heard one say to the other “Let’s get the gas and get outa here. There’s just nothing but miles and miles of nothing.” The best thing about it is they leave and probably won’t be back.

They just have missed one of the last best places on this planet. We’re lucky to be living in this little corner of the world. Of the this state called Wyoming. Some of the best wild country is within a few minutes of our towns centers. No need for a ZOO or a Botony or Biological Exhibit. We live right in the middle of it. Sweetwater County, the largest county in the state has no end of natural wonders and no end of fun in the outdoors. No need for anything but the sky above and the earth below us. Oh you can throw in the Flaming Gorge too. This truly is like “NO PLACE ON EARTH.”