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Dear Sweetwater / Green River Cable TV High Speed Access Customers, Over the past 4 years, Sweetwater Cable has significantly increased backbone capacity, (from a 45Mb DS3 to 3Gb of backbone capacity over 2 providers for redundancy). This, along with many physical plant enhancements (with more to come this summer), has assisted us in keeping up with the ever increasing demand for Data. In addition, speeds offered to our customers have increased across the board, with a high now of 40Mbps down and 10Mbps up for residential and 50Mbps Down with 15Mbps up for businesses. These increased speeds and capacity have occured without Internet rate increases for the past 10 years. One startling statistic that has held true from the very beginning is that less than 3 percent of customers use upwards of 40% of total capacity on the system.

As most of you have read in our March billing letter, we are implementing what is called the Bandwidth Commander. What this will do is help us ensure that 97%+ of our subscribers will experience consistent service during the peak time of 5 pm until 10 pm. The way it will work is as follows and is outlined in the ISP Agreement which you can read at Each of our 4 tiers of residential service will be allowed an amount of data transfer during this 5 hour block of time. If a customer exceeds their allotment, speeds will be downgraded to 1.5m x 386k, for the remaining duration of the period. At 10pm all restrictions will be lifted and speeds will resume. With this plan, there are no charges for overage and no limitations of the amount of data used outside the 5pm to 10pm time slot and is completely net neutral, per FCC regulations. The amount of data allowed for these tiers has been determined by careful and long term study of usage, and again, is designed to maximize the experience of 97% of subscribers. We anticipate starting this policy early in May, with the following controls.

  • Res Basic: 3 Gbps down, 1 Gbps up
  • Res Std: 6 Gbps down, 3 Gbps up
  • Res Plus: 9 Gbps down, 5 Gbps up
  • Res Ext: 14 Gbps down, 8 Gbps up

These numbers are not static as we anticipate adjusting them to reflect continued changes in bandwidth utilization over time. As stated, our goal is to maximize the experience for the majority of our customers. For those small number of customers who are affected by this change, you will have several options available to you including upgrading to a higher package or modifying large data transfers to after 10 pm when no limitations are in play.

If you are concerned about your current bandwidth usage, please log into the Internet Portal section of our website using your email address and password. If you need assistance in getting these, please contact our offices, and we can assist you in that. Please note that the numbers shown are for 24 hours, not for just the limited 5 hour time slot for this process.

We appreciate your continued support as we strive to make this product work for you.

Sweetwater and Green River Cable TV

Wednesday, April 29, 2015