High Speed Internet

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High Speed Internet

Sweetwaterhsa (High Speed Access) is offered to subscribers in the Rock Springs and Green River area.  Anyplace we can get you Cable TV, we can provide High Speed Internet access.  With many options available, with Speeds up to 50Mbps you can choose the speed package that is right for you.  We provide Docsis 2.0 modems free with Service, but for those wanting over 18Mbps service, you’ll need to provide a Docsis 3.0 modem on your own.  For those wanting Wireless, you’ll need to provide your own wireless router.  Please read the Internet Service Agreement for all limitations on this Service


There are a number of companies who’ve created free Browsers and Email programs that are worth looking at. Microsoft Edge is currently the most heavily used internet browser.  Many however have found Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Thunderbird email applications fit your needs to a T. If you’re using a Mac you’re probably a died-in-the-wool user of Safari. However,  other browsers are currently in use such as Google’s ChromeOpera   All current candidates for users though you can still use Internet Explorer. Using one does not limit the use of the other.
For those wanting a “client” email program sitting on your computer rather than using the cloud, Mozilla’s Firefox, Eudora or Pegasus are some of the available options.

For those of you interested in Firewalls, there is a terrific version from ZoneAlarm, This site has useful information on the value of Firewalls, and protecting your PC from intrusion. Please remember to keep your anti-virus up to date, and if you don’t have an active antivirus program, get one, and run it. There are several good, free Anti Virus programs such as Avast, Bit Defender, Panda and AVG.  We also recommend users have programs such as CCleaner, Advanced System Care or Malware Bytes to assist them in keeping computers clean of Malware and running the best they can.

Pick Your Browser

The “Browser Wars” are in full swing. It seems like every month one of them will offer an update with more bells and whistles listed here are just the main consumer browsers. Look deeper if your interested but be aware, you need to use the most current browser. Security is the prime concern. Have an up to date anti-virus program and be sure to stay current with updates. A small price to pay.