Digital Millennium Copyright Act

In 1998, The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was passed and signed into law and is designed to protect copyrighted material that is uploaded, downloaded, stored, hosted, shared, linked to or distributed online. In general, the copyrighted material most often infringed are music files (songs), movies and/or TV shows. DMCA copyright owners are given specific protections for their content and offered significant damages against those who commit copyright infringement.  Damages can be as low as $20 per infringement but can be up to $150,000.00 per infringement.

It is illegal to distribute copyrighted material.  Copyright law prohibits unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material generally and the DMCA addresses such distribution online.  Copyright owners and their agents have the legal right to request, by subpoena, the identifying information of any Sweetwater /Green River Cable TV customer alleged to have used the Internet to share or use copyrighted material in violation of the copyright laws (usually the copyright owners have only an IP Address that was assigned to a customer’s modem) and we must provide them information that is sufficient to identify the account holder who was assigned the specific IP address on a particular date and time.  We do not provide this identifying information unless it is specifically requested by valid legal documentation under very specific rules designed to protect the consumer (as per our Privacy Statement).  If you are contacted by one of these copyright owners that received your information via legal request, you may be responsible to them for damages under the law.

Copyrighted materials may be illegally distributed in a variety of ways, but are often traded via Peer to Peer file sharing programs such as BitTorrent, or via more secure “Chat room” type communities.  Regardless of the scenario, it may not be legal for copyrighted material to be downloaded to your computer or distributed from any or all devices that gain access to the materials through the IP Address assigned to your account Internet access account. This means if you have a wireless router than can be accessed by anyone other than yourself (family members, neighbors or strangers that may be near enough to your router to get a signal) these individuals may be committing copyright infringement that will be attributed to you, as holder of the IP Address.  Please secure your router and use a password or encryption to limit those who can use it to access the Internet, and ensure all living under household understand the ramifications of DMCA infractions. Any program that allows you or someone using your account to download copyrighted material over the Internet a

lso has the ability to allow anyone else to download material from your device(s) or using your IP address, resulting in a DMCA infraction, and potential damages.  If you use any one of the many Torrent Programs, you are highly likely to be infringing on copyrighted material.  While simply having a Torrent program on your device is not illegal, allowing someone to access copyrighted material from your device(s) is a violation of Federal law.

Sweetwater and Green River Cable TV will attempt to inform customers of DMCA infractions when they occur, usually prior to receiving a subpoena served by copyright owner (such as Sony, HBO, or CBS).  However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that this activity is not occurring on any devices using their account, or suffer potentially significant damages.

Sweetwater and Green River Cable TV, via the ISP Agreement reserve the right to suspend or cancel any account being utilized for the sharing or distribution of copyrighted content without authorization, including those accounts that belong to repeat infringers.  Ultimately, it is up to each customer to control the activity coming and going from the IP Address assigned to their account, or suffer potential financial and/or legal hardship or have their account suspended (or cancelled.)